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Write! Canada Online 2020

Write! Canada 2020 is a new program from The Word Guild. 

We hope to address four areas that writers have expressed as needs. 
  1. First, writers want to become better writers by learning from skilled instructors.
  2. Second, writers want to be part of a community of writers especially those that write in the same genre.
  3. Third,  writers want to get individualized help on their projects to make their writing better.
  4. Fourth, writers want to get their writing into the "hands" of those readers who would enjoy their work.   
Our intention is that Write! Canada Online 2020 will provide help in those areas.  
Stay tuned for announcements of Schedules and Programs.

How will we address those needs?

A variety of online sessions


Online Workshops, both live and recorded, will address important topics.


Through focused "Intensives", a facilitator will meet with a group of writers in online meetings so that writers will both get to know other writers and get peer and mentor feedback on their work.

Reaching your audience

Workshops and corresponding materials will help writers with strategies for reaching their audiences. 

about us

We use our experience to enhance yours

The Word Guild has been working with Canadian Christian Writers for nearly 20 years. And even before that, many members had been involved with the God Uses Ink conference. We have had many conferences that have changes lives. 

Our Write! Canada 2020 conference in Ancaster had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. 

We believe taking our conference online will be a special experience available to many more writers accross Canada. 

We are excited!

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We’d love to talk about what matters to you.